Monday, June 25, 2012

Webagent Registration with Policy server Part1

Webagent registration with Policy server goes in two parts:

First we need to check all the pre-requisites and Second we need to register.  


1) Check if ports are open from Webserver to Policy server.


2)Siteminder Admin Username and password should be correct.

3) Need Trusted Host Name (Need to verify in FSS UI or WAM UI) after registration Trusted host should get created in Policy server. If trusted host is not created then registration is not proper. 

4)ACO(Agent Configuration Object) should be created.

5)HCO(Host Configuration Object) should be created.

6) Requires Policy Server Hostname or IP

7) User should have full permission on folder where smhost.conf file is going to create.

are the basic pre-requisites for Webagent Registration. 

Continue your journey with Part 2: 

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