Thursday, June 28, 2012

Basic Limitations of FSS UI with WAMUI (12.0)

In this I am going to post few points about Limitations of FSS UI when compared with WAMUI.

  • WAM UI is completely web based so it can be accessible from any where. FSS UI is applet based. 
  • After connecting to Report Server from policy server, We can configure Reports and Audits in WAM UI.
  • In FSS UI we cannot configure Reports and View Reports. 
  • WAM UI have new feature called "Application" which is not available in FSS UI.
  • "Application" in WAM UI is similar to Domain in FSS UI. 
  • WAM UI has clear division of Policy Objects like "Administration", "Infrastructure", "Polices" etc., but which are cluttered in FSS UI. 
  • WAM UI can be installed in separate server (Not only in Policy Server), FSS UI is available only in Policy server. 
  • We can register and access multiple policy servers with single WAM UI, which is not possible in FSS UI

Following image is for WAM UI 12.5 which even have Federation. 

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