Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Basic Limitations of WAMUI(12.0) from FSSUI


In this I am going to post limitations of WAMUI that I have observed when compared with FSSUI. This would be helpful for the people who wants to Migrate from Siteminder 6.0 to Siteminder 12.0

  • Need to install additional components for it. Wont come with Policy server. There are two additional components that need to be installed for getting WAMUI, they are Pre-requisite for WAMUI and WAMUI Installer 
  • Federation configuration is not supported in siteminder 12.0 WAMUI. 
  • Additional Hardware is required for wamui installation. 
  • Challenging for the people who worked only on fssui
  • If port is open for every one wamui is accessible for all. so need to takecare of WAMUI port separately, which may cause security issue. 
Thanks !!! 

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