Saturday, July 2, 2016

Components of SailPoint Identity IQ

SailPoint Identity IQ is for managing Identities in any enterprise organization. Sailpoint have a very clean and customizable interface which was developed on Java.

SailPoint mainly need three components:

  • Application Server
  • Database
  • Web Server (optional)

    Application Server: (Interface)

    SailPoint supports almost all kinds of Java based application servers, Java based application servers are required because interface which end-user will be using was developed on JSF (Java Server Faces) and XHTML. 

    Identity IQ war file will be deployed on one of the supported java based application server. Updating war file may cause issues during upgrade. 

    Database: (Storing Objects)

    SailPoint supports all major databases, Identity IQ uses database to store objects. All the user identities, application information, role information etc will be stored in database. 

    SailPoint provides Identity IQ schema (Script) that user need to run on database to created tables that are supported by IQ. 

    Web Server: (Optional for Proxy)

    Web Server is not a mandatory component but can be used to proxy application server instead of exposing application server directly. 

    Adding web server provides additional security to the architecture and can be used to Load Balance and Failover. 

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