Monday, July 18, 2016

API Methods Deprecated in RequestService After Upgrading to Oracle Identity Manager 11g Release 2 (

The following is a list of API methods deprecated in RequestService:
  • public List getTemplateNames() throws RequestServiceException
  • public RequestModel getModelForTemplate(String templateName) throws RequestServiceException
  • public RequestDataSet getRestrictedDataSet(String templateName, String entityType) throws RequestServiceException
  • public RequestTemplate getTemplate(String templateName) throws RequestServiceException
  • public void updateApproverOnlyData(String reqId, List benEntities, List reqEntities) throws RequestServiceException
  • public List getTemplateNamesForSelf() throws RequestServiceException
  • public List getRequestTemplates(RequestTemplateSearchCriteria searchCriteria, Set returnAttrs, Map configParams) throws RequestServiceException
The following is a list of API methods deprecated due to storing comments in SOA Human Task comments feature:
  • public void addRequestComment(String reqId, RequestComment comment) throws RequestServiceException
  • public List getRequestComments(String reqId) throws RequestServiceException
  • public List getRequestComments(String reqId, RequestComment.TYPE type) throwsRequestServiceException
  • public List getRequestComments(String reqId, String taskId, RequestComment.TYPE type) throwsRequestServiceException

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