Monday, March 11, 2013

Connecting to Embedded weblogic LDAP from JXplorer

Before connecting to embedded LDAP we need to change Embedded LDAP admin password.

Embedded LDAP password change:

1) Go to Domain

2) Click on Security

3) Click on Embedded LDAP

4) Change Credential and Confirm Credential and click Save.

Connecting to Embedded LDAP using JXplorer:

1) Open JXplorer

2) Click on Connect

3) Provide following values:

Host: localhost
Protocol: LDAP v3
BaseDN: dc=Domain Name
Level: User + Password
User DN: cn=Admin
Password: Password provided in Embedded LDAP in weblogic console

Same values may not work with another LDAP browser or client. 

Thanks !!

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