Friday, March 8, 2013

OIM 11g R2: Creating Custom Schedule Task


  1. Prepare Schedule Task Code and xml files. Follow below link for sample schedule task code.
  2. Do Plugin Registration:
  3. Export MDS data and place Scheduler xml file in db folder and import MDS data
  4. Create new schedule task in OIM Console by following below steps:
  • Login to OIM Admin Console

  • Use OIM Admin User and Login

  •  Go to Scheduler

  • Click on Create new as shown below

  •  Provide required details and select Task (which will be available with name provided inside scheduler xml file)

  • Run the created schedule task, according to code it will print "Running the OIM Sample Scheduled Task...", which says custom scheduler got created successfully. 

  •  It will be shown up in Scheduled Tasks. 

Thanks !!!

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