Thursday, June 30, 2016

SailPoint Vs Oracle Identity Manager: Components

SailPoint and OIM (Oracle Identity Manager) are huge competitors in Identity space. In this post I would like to compare components wise which product would be easy to maintain and install.

SailPoint Components
OIM Components
Application Server
Application Server             
Webserver (Optional)
Web Server (Optional)

Design Console

SOA for emails, workflows and BPEL


Remote Manager

OIM need to have individual connectors that need be installed but in case of SailPoint all the connectors comes by default without any configuration. Additional upgrade is required for individual connectors in case of OIM. 

In OIM additional component SOA is required for Emails and WorkFlows but in case of SailPoint it is not required. 

Clearly Sailpoint is the the WINNER in case of components maintenance and upgrade.  

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