Monday, December 7, 2015

DIP is Started but Quartz Scheduler and MBeans showing down in EM Console


While checking status of DIP from EM console ,we were getting below error.

Configuration settings are unavailable. The profile management interfaces for the target /Farm_IDMDomain/IDMDomain/wls_ods1/DIP( are currently unavailable.


DIP was not restarted properly the previous time.


A complete restart of entire environment resolved the issue.

Stop the services in below order:

1)wls_ods managed server
2)OPMN Processes
3)Admin Server
4)Node Manager Process
5)Oracle Database + Listener

Start the services in below order:

1)Oracle Database + Listener
2)Admin Server
3)Node Manager process
4)wls_ods manage server
5)OPMN Processes.

Once the processes were restarted in above order,issue was re-solved.

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