Sunday, November 30, 2014

OIM Report:Proxy Users

OIM Query to find  Proxy Users:

SELECT DISTINCT usr.usr_login AS "User_Login",
  usr.usr_first_name          AS "First_Name",
  usr.usr_last_name           AS "Last_Name" ,
  pu.usr_first_name           AS "Proxy_First_Name",
  pu.usr_last_name            AS "Proxy_Last_Name",
  pu.usr_status               AS "Proxy_Status",
  p.pxd_start_date            AS "Proxy_Start_Date",
  p.pxd_end_date              AS "Proxy_End_Date",
  pa.usr_first_name           AS "Proxy_Admin_First_Name",
  pa.usr_last_name            AS "Proxy_Admin_Last_Name"
FROM pxd p,
  usr pu,
  usr pa
WHERE p.pxd_orig_usr_key = usr.usr_key
AND p.pxd_proxy_key      = pu.usr_key
and p.pxd_createby       = pa.usr_key
and (nvl(:usr_login,null) is null or upper(usr.usr_login) like upper('%' || :usr_login || '%'))
and (nvl(:usr_first_name,null) is null or upper(usr.usr_first_name) like upper('%' || :usr_first_name || '%'))
and (NVL(:usr_last_name,null) is null or UPPER(usr.usr_last_name) like UPPER('%' || :usr_last_name || '%'))

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