Thursday, May 1, 2014

Siteminder Advanced Password Services (APS)

  • APS is enhanced version of existing password services in Siteminder. They have added more features like help desk, Email and other feature to make it overall Password Management tool. 

  • APS is an Add on to Siteminder, it can be installed on exiting Siteminder or with new environment. 

  • APS configuration needs some of the changes on Siteminder Policy Server . This component is installed on Siteminder Policy Server and Web Servers. 

  • User Directory Schemas need to be updated.

SiteMinder Version 4.1 (and later) provides a feature called  Password Services. This functionality is based on early versions of APS. It contains some of the basic functions provided by these earlier versions. Advanced Password Services provides considerable additional functionality, plus the ability to extend this functionality for your site.

Advanced Password Services capabilities can be broken out into several functional areas: 

■ Change My Password (SmCPW) 
■ Checking at Authentication (SmAPS) 
■ Help Desk Support (APSAdmin) 
■ Forgotten Password Services (FPS) 
■ Application Programming Interface (APSAPI)

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