Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OAM 11G R2 Lab 6: Webgate for IIS 7.x in 32 Bit Windows

IIS Server need following webgate

64 Bit Components:(if 64bit)


32 Bit Components: 


Webpass and Policy Manager required for old versions of OAM.

Go to Path: C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config, take backup of applicationHost.config file and remove  from the file and save it. 

Add IIS6 Management Compatibility under Management Tools under Add Service Role for IIS Server in Server Manager.

Run Installer Oracle_Access_Manager10_1_4_3_0_Win32_ISAPI_WebGate and

->select path where to install while installing.

-> Select Mode of Security.

-> Provide Webgate id and other details and make sure that your access manager server is running.

WebGate ID: Agent name which is already created in OAM console.
Password for WebGate: Any Password
Access Server ID: Any Name
Host Name: Host name of access server.
Port Number: OAM proxy-port, default value 5575 .(Can be checked in proxy of OAMConsole-> System Configuration -> Server Instance)

For Proceed with Automatic update of IIS Configuration select Yes.

Click Next, Next and Finish.

Note: Open IIS Server Manger and click on ISAPI Filter and Point OracleWebgate to correct path C:\Program Files\NetPoint\Webgate\access\oblix\apps\webgate\bin\webgate.dll

Restart IIS Server and try accessing any URL.

Unprotect/Remove Webgate temporarily for iis: If you want to unprotect just remove isapi filter pointing to webgate.dll which makes it unprotected/Webgate dont work for IIS.

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