Thursday, September 27, 2012

OIM 11G R2 Lab 5: Creating IT Resource for Mail Server(Gmail)

In this lab we are going to see how to create IT Resource for Gmail SMTP Server

Before Configuring IT Resource we need to verify name of mail server configured in System Properties, so that we can use same name while creating IT Resource. (Other wise we need to change Mail server value in System properties after creating IT Resource)

 Search for Email Server and verify the value: "Email Server", so we are going to create IT Resource with name Email Server.

Go to IT Resource in sysadmin console:

 Provide IT Resource name as Email Server, Select IT Resource Type as Mail Server and click Continue.

 Provide Email Server Details as shown below:

Authentication: true
Server Name:
Username: Gmail id
Password: Gmail Password

Similar for other mail servers also(need to know Server name , username and password)

 Select Permissions for System Administrator.

Verify all the details and click Continue:

Verify if connection is successful or not, if yes then click Create otherwise go back and verify username and Password.

 Click Finish

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